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Whether you’re seeking individual coaching, group coaching, or resources to enhance your mental and emotional well-being, you’ll find a diverse range of offerings tailored to meet you where you are in your life.


Hi, I am Monica.

I get it! By the time we go out looking for the transformation that comes with gaining mental and emotional resilience, we’ve been put through the ringer. We know the consequences of our lack of self-trust, self-representation, and our inability to say no to the people and tasks that pull on us. What we don’t always know is what to do about it!

My own mental and emotional resilience training came during a pandemic, after a gut-wrenching life challenge, and at a point in my life when, more than ever, I needed the years of research and therapies to prove transformative! On a dime of courage, I pivoted and stepped away from the security of my professor role at a university and leaned into my side hustle of counseling and coaching. I had a decade of cultivating and building emotional intelligence programs, researching innovative therapies, and studying (and living) the consequences of poor self-connection. It was time to finish my own transformation and sequence it to have the tools needed for others to also have the transformation.

My humility throughout this process has been my greatest asset. I don’t just know the research behind why the model of (seeing yourself, being yourself, seeing others, and being with others) is effective; I lived its efficacy. It works.

If you are willing to face the hard stuff, let me take you on a path to gaining mental and emotional resilience. Backed by hard evidence in the soft science of psychology, each step will get you closer to inner security, safety, and a sense of belonging that global leaders have relied on for centuries.

Welcome to Monica Smith Coaching. I personally want to welcome you to the path of mental and emotional resilience. I hope you find what you are looking for here!

Stronger together, M

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Monica Smith Coaching 6528E. 101st, Suite D1, Tulsa,OK 74133


Our approach to mental resilience coaching

Coaches have the ability to view things from afar - in what some call helicopter vision - and to shed new light on difficult situations.

Personalized Coaching Programs:

Tailored coaching programs designed to address individual needs, fostering emotional intelligence and mental resilience.

Experienced Coaches:

Certified coaches with a proven track record in psychology, counseling, and coaching, equipped to guide clients on their journey.

Evidence-Based Techniques:

Integration of evidence-based therapeutic techniques, cognitive strategies, and psychological theories to promote emotional growth.

Comprehensive Assessments:

In-depth assessments, such as DiSC Personality Assessments, to understand clients' personalities, communication styles, and stressors.

Customizable Workshops:

Interactive workshops for individuals and teams, promoting emotional intelligence, stress management, and effective communication.

Guided Journaling Programs:

Guided journaling platforms designed to help clients reflect, set goals, and reinforce mental resilience strategies.

One-on-One Sessions:

One-on-one coaching sessions that provide a confidential space for clients to explore their emotions, thoughts, and challenges.

Regular Webinars:

Regular webinars on relevant topics, offering valuable insights and strategies for personal growth.

Regular Updates:

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